South Africa Study Visa

South Africa Study Visa

How we can help you obtain a South Africa Study Visa

Consultation by face to face meeting, Skype or telephone

Advice on the correct category of working visa

Checklist of visa requirements

Preparation of supporting documents

Assistance with preparation of a first application at the embassy or an extension in South Africa

Discussions on alterative visa options and future visa strategy

A study visa may be issued to a foreign national intending to study in South Africa for longer than three months

Foreign Nationals over 21 years of age

If the applicant is over the age of 21, they will need to prove that they have been accepted by an accredited learning institution in South Africa and that the individual or organisation sponsoring their studies can support them financially. If the applicant is not being sponsored, then they will have to prove that they can support themselves financially.

Foreign Nationals under 21 years of age

In the case of a minor, a person in South Africa will need to be nominated to act as such minor’s guardian while in South Africa if the biological parents are not accompanying the minor.

A study visa holder may undertake part-time work for a period not exceeding 20 hours per week.

The Director-General may, in appropriate cases, authorise the holder of a study permit to conduct work as practical training in a field related to that of his or her studies.

Study visas for studies at higher learning institutions or universities shall be issued for the duration of course. Study visas schools shall be issued for the duration of the study, provided the duration shall not exceed eight years at a primary school and 6 years at secondary school.

On a working visa or business visa?

Under Immigration Directive 8 of 2015, foreign nationals on General Work Visas, Critical Skills Visa, Intra Company Transfer Visas and Business Visas may register for part time studies at tertiary institutions without applying for a study visa or study endorsement. 

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Dear Client,

South Africa is in a Presidential ordered “lockdown” until 16 April 2020.

  • DIRCO, SAQA, VFS and the Courts are closed.
  • The Department of Home affairs is working on skeleton staff, we expect no movement on new or pending applications.
  • The DHA have advised that foreign nationals will not be penalised on their visa conditions as long as the breach of visa conditions is a result of the lockdown.
  • The SAPS police clearance department, currently, is open and accepting, processing and issuing police clearances. This is subject to change at any time.

Please feel free to call or email us with regards to the services and support we can provide for you during the lockdown period. Our office remains open with staff working remotely respecting and adhering to Government directives.

We will post updates as and when we receive clarification on our usual product offering.