South Africa Working Visa

South Africa Working Visa

How we can help you obtain a South Africa work visa

Consultation by face to face meeting, Skype or telephone

Advice on the correct category of working visa

Checklist of visa requirements

Preparation of supporting documents

Assistance with preparation of a first application at the embassy or an extension in South Africa

Discussions on alterative visa options and future visa strategy

SAQA – application submission and collection

If you are married to or the life partner of a South African Citizen click here…

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The following are the different types of long term work visas available to foreign nationals in South Africa:

 Critical Skills Work Visa (CSWV)

  • The CSWV is for applicants who fall within certain occupations as advertised by the Department of Home Affairs. Click here to download the full published critical skills list
  • The applicant will have to register with the relevant board or governing body aligned to qualifications and offer of employment
  • All qualifications need to be verified by the South African Qualifications Authority (
  • Applicants with offers of employment in South Africa will be issued with a CSWV visa for up to 5 years and can apply for an extension in South Africa
  • Applicants without offers of employment will be issued with a 1 year CSWV visa to find employment. Once employment has been secured the applicant can apply for a 5 year CSWV visa in South Africa

Intra Company Transfer Work Visa (ICT)

  • The ICT is available to global companies who have, subsidiaries, branches or affiliated companies in South Africa, and who need to transfer staff to the South African office
  • The applicant must be employed by the foreign company for a period of 6 months or longer to qualify to apply for the ICT
  • Time on this visa category does not count towards a permanent residence application
  • Applicants will be issued with a ICT visa for up to 4 years and cannot renew or apply to change the ICT in South Africa

General Work Visa (GWV)

  • For a GWV the applicant and the employing company must undertake a diligent search for a South African Citizen to fill the position. This includes advertising the job in the national printed media, online media and searches done by a recruitment agent – proof of all searches have to be submitted with the GWV application  
  • Before submitting the GWV application The Department of Labour must be consulted for a recommendation of the GWV application
  • Only once The Department of Labour has provided the recommendation can the GWV application be submitted
  • All applicants must have tertiary qualifications that need to be verified by the South African Qualifications Authority (
  • Applicants will be issued with a GWV visa for up to 5 years and can apply for an extension in South Africa
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Dear Client,

South Africa under a Presidential ordered “lockdown”, which has been defined into different levels. South Africa is currently under level 4 lockdown since 1 May from a level 5 lockdown in force during mid-February and April.

You may view the latest Directive published on 29 April 2020, most notably Annexure D on page 35 headed “Essential Services” pertaining to Level 4 lockdown -

We have the following updates on the services we offer:-

DIRCO – CLOSED until further notice, no communication received.


Courts – PARTIALLY OPENED - with skeleton staff working on a rotational basis for Apostilles, not authentications.

SAQA – CLOSED until further notice, no communication received.

The SAPS police clearance department – OPEN - with skeleton staff working on a rotational basis.


VFS – CLOSED the latest information received: VFS will open under level 2 lockdown and start with collections only (dates unconfirmed). VFS will then open for new applications at a later unconfirmed date.

The Department of Home Affairs have advised, by published Directive, that foreign nationals will not be penalised on their visa conditions as long as the expiry of the visa is a result of the lockdown. All COVID affected visas are deemed to be valid if expired during lockdown. More information on the DHA website (please note that the info has not been updated and may not apply under level 4 lockdown):

The Department of Home AffairsImmigration matters – PARTIALLY OPENED but they are clearing backlogs of visa and permanent residence applications. No new applications in RSA or at the Embassy. Visa exempted countries have been suspended, foreign nationals must travel with a newly authorised visa and may be subject to forced quarantine for 14 days on arrival. (Some Embassies are accepting  visitors visa applications for urgent matters, i.e. death in the family. The application must contain a detailed motivation to consider the visa application).  

The Department of Home AffairsCivic Affairs – PARTIALLY OPENED only processing certain new applications like birth/death certificates relating to the last few months & COVID. Rotational staff are also clearing backlogs of existing applications. Reissuing of certificates is closed until further notice.

SA EMBASSIES – Some are open, some closed; with no consistency or notice of opening/closing. The Embassies are acting autonomously. We advise that you contact your nearest Embassy should you need any Embassy services.

FOREIGN EMBASSIES IN SA – Majority are closed, most notably the Chinese Embassy in SA is closed which will affect TEFL applications for teaching in China which require the Embassy Stamp on the documentation.

SENDING/RECEIVING DOCUMENTS – documents can only be sent to us by courier and we can only return documents by courier door to door (we use DHL). For new and upcoming applications we advise that you send the documents to us in the interim so when Departments open we can submit immediately. Currently we cannot meet face to face, but happy to discuss by telephone call, skype, whatsapp call or video conference.

Please feel free to call or email us with regards to the services and support we can provide for you during the lockdown period. Our Sandton office premises remains closed, but we are still open and fully operational with staff working remotely respecting and adhering to Government directives.

Please note that all of the above is subject to change without notice. We will post updates as and when we receive clarification.

Keep safe and Godspeed during these difficult times.