South African Police Clearance Applications

South African Police Clearance Applications

Simply Immigrate can assist applicants to apply for and collect their SAPS clearance certificate.

We assist applicants locally and worldwide by submitting their SAPS 91(a) finger print form directly to the Central SAPS Office in Pretoria and collecting the issued certificate. The SAPS 91(a) can be couriered to our office and we will courier the original SAPS clearance back to you.

All South African police clearance certificates are processed and issued out of the Central SAPS Office in Pretoria, Gauteng and remain valid for a period of 6 months. Certificates less than 7 months old can be reprinted with a new date and remain valid for a further 6 months.

You can apply for your SA police clearance at your nearest SAPS branch or South African Embassy by taking your original passport or ID book and paying the application fee. In South Africa the fee is ZAR 96.00. The application will then be couriered by the SAPS branch of submission or Embassy to the Central SAPS office for processing. Once finalised the original certificate is couriered back to the SAPS branch of submission or Embassy for collection.

Delays occur when the SAPS branch of submission or Embassy courier the documentation. There are often delays in sending the documentation to and from Pretoria and this can add weeks or months to the finalisation of the certificate.

We charge the following to assist with police clearance applications:

  • R 3,000 to submit the finger print form and collect the certificate once issued
  • R 200 to courier back to a South African address
  • R 600 to courier back to an international address

If you have any queries call, email or complete the free assessment form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Click here to download the SAPS 91(a) application form

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Dear Client,

South Africa is currently under level 1 lockdown.

We have the following updates on the services we offer during the lockdown period:

DIRCO – OPEN: The DIRCO offices are open to apostille, but with slower functionality. We have to book appointment for submissions and collections. When we receive your instruction we will advise on turnaround times.

SAPS Pretoria for police clearance certificates – OPEN

Notary – OPEN

Translations – OPEN

Courts – OPEN



The Department of Home Affairs have advised, by published Directive, that foreign nationals will not be penalised on their visa conditions as long as the expiry of the visa is a result of the lockdown. All COVID affected visas are deemed to be valid until 31 January 2021.

The Department of Home Affairs: Civic Affairs – OPEN

SA EMBASSIES – Most are opening 1 October 2020, some may be a few days late to open

FOREIGN EMBASSIES IN SA – Most are opening 1 October 2020, some may be a few days late to open

Please feel free to call or email us with regards to the services and support we can provide for you during the lockdown period.

Please note that all of the above is subject to change without notice. We will post updates as and when we receive clarification.

Keep safe and Godspeed during these difficult times.